Housing Matters Newsletter
December Edition
Message from the Executive Director
Queensland State Budget
Every year is a big year for the housing and homelessness sector. This year with the added complications of COVID-19 has seen the sector adapt and innovate to ensure that service delivery is sustained.
Together we have advocated for enhanced investment in social housing and support with an emphasis on the sustainment of tenancies. The Q Shelter CEO and Leaders’ Forum in early December was an opportunity to showcase the sector’s contributions to housing supply and support. The presentations highlighted the vital importance of partnerships, and that housing and support providers are integrating service delivery across the State. You can find these presentations here.
The State Budget saw confirmation of more than $526 million in funding for social housing dwellings and $241 million to improve housing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. The Budget included confirmation of existing funding commitments to Specialist Homelessness Services as well. Q Shelter is committed to continuing to work with the State Government for enhanced investment in housing growth and in tenancy sustainment support programs. We know that COVID has had significant impacts on revenue and expenditure. The State Government’s policy framework rightly links housing supply to economic stimulus through the Queensland Housing Strategy. We know there are more opportunities to grow housing and in the process help many people in the community through employment. Importantly we know that Queensland’s community housing providers are rising to the challenge of growth projects and that there is capacity and capability to do more and leverage every dollar of public funding to achieve as much housing as possible. CHPs design sustainable communities and provide high quality property and tenancy management. We know the sector is ready to do more for Queenslanders.
Further funding secured for the Service Integration Initiative
Q Shelter together with the sector has been advocating for additional funding for the Service Integration Initiative which has operated in nine locations supporting 12 care coordination groups to assist well-over 600 clients and so far, with 400+ positive housing outcomes. Thanks to all of you who have promoted the initiative and participated in the groups, the State Government has openly acknowledged the value of the program and it has been funded until June 2021. Q Shelter has written to the State Government suggesting that this program is further expanded until 2023 and that more regions are included. The value in supporting service integration can’t be under-estimated.  It helps to leverage and integrate all contributions and identify with greater precision where the gaps are. It is a credit to everyone that the program includes community housing providers and specialist homelessness services in significant numbers. It is also great to see 50% of participants coming from allied health programs, specialist support services, community centres and other service providers who assist homeless people and who have contributions to make in integrated housing and support plans.
Q Shelter Learning Exchange in February: Exploring the AHURI Research Paper on the design of the Specialist Homelessness Service system
It has been great to read AHURI’s report into redesigning the service system with an emphasis on the importance of service integration and on the broader landscape of services that assist people who are homeless and who are at risk of homelessness. The first Q Shelter Learning Exchange will unpack this research and explore what it could mean for the future of designing the service system and service delivery models. Please register for the session at this link and we look forward to hearing your reflections and views.
Q Shelter AGM and thank you to the Q Shelter Team
If you missed our AGM you can catch up with our year in review through the Annual Report and also through a short video.
I want to take this opportunity to humbly thank the Q Shelter Team who have all worked so hard this year. Please remember you can find out more about the team at this link. Stay in touch through linking to different people on the team depending on your interests and needs.
Best wishes and thank you
I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a time of rest and restoration over the holidays. I celebrate the commitment and incredible hard work of the sector. Take care, stay in touch and I look forward to working with you all in 2021.
Fiona Caniglia
Message from the President
On behalf of Q Shelter’s Management Committee, I want to thank our members, sector colleagues, and partners in the Queensland State Government for your support this year.
I acknowledge our members who continue to provide their support and expertise to our organisation. Our voice is stronger and more representative with you on board, and we look forward to representing your interests and insights in the year ahead.
To our partners in the Queensland State Government, thank you for working closely with us and the sector during this challenging year. 
And finally to our colleagues in the Queensland community housing and homelessness sector – thank you again for all the work you do across this diverse state. We know that many services will continue to work through the holiday season, and we thank all those who are supporting vulnerable Queenslanders during the Christmas break. If this year has demonstrated anything; it’s that the role of community services is essential, and the work you do is valued.
We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.
Darren Mew
In this edition of Housing Matters:
  1. Q Shelter Live - upcoming events and engagement
  2. Q Shelter Update
  3. Sector News and Updates
  4. National Shelter Update
Q Shelter's Annual Program of Events and Engagement
Q Shelter Learning Exchange: AHURI Research into Redesigning the Specialist Homelessness Service System
Tuesday, 2 February 2021 / 4.00pm - 5.00pm
Join us for a monthly teleconference for housing, homelessness and support services to raise challenges, exchange ideas and learn about resources.
Find out more about this exchange here
Learn about the housing and homelessness sector (Sector Induction)
Wednesday, 17 February 2021 / 2.00pm - 5.00pm
This session is intended for people who are new to the sector and who need an overview of how the housing and homelessness system works. The sessions will cover the specialist homelessness system, social housing system, private housing system assistance and will also include an orientation to trauma informed practice.
Click here for more information
Q Shelter Governance Training
Wednesday, 17 February 2021 / 4.30pm - 7.30pm
Q Shelter is providing an in-depth session covering the essential legal duties and  governance best practices for boards and committees of organisations. This programme is suitable for CEOs, directors, consultants and senior managers who seek to understand the role of the board in the context of their community housing organisation or homelessness service.
  • $135 Q Shelter members
  • $150 non-members
  • Free to people experiencing homelessness, social housing tenants and to people receiving a Centrelink payment.
Click here to find out more about this exciting training opportunity
Asset Managers Network Series
Thursday, 25 February 2021 / 10.30am - 12.00pm
Asset management is a vital part of community housing provision.
This Learning Exchange focusses on the day to day challenges, providing opportunities to access collegial support as well as hear from guest speakers and structured sessions.
It is a forum to also share practices, tools and resources. Further information including an agenda will be forwarded to participants prior to the meeting.
Click here for more information
Tenancy Sustainment Training for housing providers, specialist homelessness services and the broader human services system
Friday, 26 February 2021 / 9.00am - 12.00pm
Tenancy sustainment involves vital inputs from housing and support providers as well as robust service integration and other enablers such as brokerage and workforce development.
This training provides participants with frameworks, tools and skills supportive of tenancy sustainment. It is designed to deliberately bring together housing providers, specialist homelessness services, support providers and other resources to achieve sustainable solutions to housing need and homelessness.
It is intended for both government and non-government providers to help with building shared frameworks about what to achieve enduring outcomes in ending homelessness.
Click here to register for this event
Feeling the Pulse on Partnering for Growth
Friday, 26 February 2021 / 2.30pm - 3.15pm
This monthly event is a discussion and learning exchange for community housing providers who are working on growth projects.
It is intended to be an opportunity to exchange learning and also identify challenges and barriers with the view to finding solutions.
Find out more information about this event
Q Shelter Update
Facilitation Training for Care Coordinators
Q Shelter has been out on the road to host a series of regional workshops, focused on the role of the care coordination facilitator.
Hosted by Q Shelter's Service Integration Facilitator, Stephen Hawkins, the workshops are “training with a purpose”, and aim to support place-based organisations that are involved in and genuinely committed to the care coordination process.
In November, Q Shelter delivered this training in Townsville, Redlands and the Sunshine Coast.
This month, Stephen has delivered training sessions across Brisbane, Mackay, and Moreton Bay.
These sessions will continue to roll out throughout January in Cairns, Gold Coast, Logan and through an online Zoom session.
Click here to find out more about these workshops
Stephen Hawkins delivering training in Brisbane this month
Q Shelter CEO and Senior Leaders' Forum
Q Shelter held the second of its biannual CEO and Senior Leaders' Forum on Wednesday 25 November. 
This forum was an opportunity to showcase growth and innovation in the sector. Providers and organisations were invited to showcase innovation in developments, service delivery and partnerships. The videos and presentations from the forum are provided below. 
Click here to view the showcase of videos from Access Community Housing, BlueCHP, Bric Housing, Churches of Christ in Queensland, Communify, and Community Housing Ltd.
BHC Creating Liveable Communities
YellowBridge Queensland
Q Shelter also invited sector leaders to join a CEO and Senior Leaders Forum Executive to help guide Q Shelter’s engagement for upcoming forums. If you would like to join this Executive please contact Emma Greenhalgh, Manager Strategic Projects, via email or on 3831 5900. 
We thank those who joined us for the socially distanced event and look forward to coming together in 2021. 
Q Shelter AGM
Q Shelter also held its Annual General Meeting in November, and you can view its Annual Report here.
The Q Shelter team were also excited to join together to document a year of success through video, which you can view here.
Sector News and Updates
You can also click here to download the QSTARS COVID-19 intake and referral form
Update: Brisbane Christmas Services and Contact
Christmas Period Services and Support (community workers) – List of services providing invaluable support to community members, including Christmas meals, hampers, gifts and free activities; and shutdown period of various agencies. Eligibility criteria is also included where possible.
Useful Contacts for Community over Festive Season 2020-2021 – Double sided handout for community members.
Research: Ending homelessness in Australia: A redesigned homelessness service system (AHURI)
The existing Australian homelessness service system has known strengths but its effectiveness is constrained for different population groups who experience a range of other social, economic, health and justice issues. This research develops strategies to redesign the homelessness service system in Australia that could virtually end homelessness. Read this report here
Update: Extension to emergency Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) regulations
The new Queensland Parliament have passed the COVID-19 Emergency Response and other Legislation Amendment Act 2020, which has extended the COVID-19 legislation expiry date.  
This means that the DFV Tenancy Regulations continue beyond 31 December 2020 until 30 April 2021.
Resource: First Time Renters Project
Queensland Youth Housing Coalition in collaboration with Community Connections, Tenants Queensland, and Youth Advocacy Centre have released their 'First Time Renters project'.
This is a comprehensive and accessible resource for young people which was created to meet the information gap needed to access tenancies in private and public housing. Click here to view the project
Tender: Dedicated Mobile Support - Women and their children accommodated in affordable head lease accommodation (South-East Queensland)
The Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy is working with several community housing providers (CHPs) across South East Queensland to source suitable properties and provide supportive tenancy management.
The affordable housing funding is expected to provide for approximately 55 – 65 properties in high need South East Queensland locations, primarily Brisbane and Gold Coast, as well as Moreton Bay and other locations to be identified.  
Dedicated Mobile Support 
To support clients transitioning into these tenancies, the Queensland Government is seeking offers for the delivery of targeted mobile support. It is expected the new mobile support provider will take on a primary support role for most women and their children housed through the initiative.
Further information
Information for Brisbane
Information for Gold Coast
Information for Moreton Bay
Grant: Responding to COVID-19 in the sexual, domestic and family violence sectors grants program
This program offers one-off grants to support frontline sexual, domestic and family violence services to respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19 by assisting services to:
  • Adapt service delivery, for example by making service adjustments or modifications to respond to changing client needs or social distancing requirements.
  • Expand service delivery, for example by increasing capacity to deliver more services to more clients.
  • Introduce new services, in accordance with demand arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Grants of between $50,000 to $150,000 are available to eligible applicants, with a total of $2 million available.
Applications close 5pm Sunday, 28 February 2021.
Access the 2020 Grant Information and Application Guidelines for further information.
Applications can be submitted here
Grant Opportunity (Brisbane): Community Support Funding Program
The Community Support Funding Program offers financial assistance to community groups facing financial hardships and providers of affordable housing in Brisbane.
Applications close Monday 25 January 2021.
For information please refer to the guidelines or contact Brisbane City Council Grants Unit on 07 3403 8888.
Research: Liveability Framework for Medium to High Density Social and Affordable Housing
This framework will identify key liveability and accessibility elements and will be a tool to help drive adoption of liveability and accessibility outcomes;and build the value equation and community understanding to enable industry to deliver whole of life solutions.
For more information contact Dr Judy Kraatz (SBEnrc)
Research: Reimagining the Backyard - A Tiny House on Wheels in the Suburbs
This project is the story of how a Tiny House on Wheels was the keystone of a Project to transform a Brisbane suburban block into a productive, multi-generational shared resource. 
It offers one possibility for reimagining the backyard by reframing it as a flexible asset that can sustainably return financial and social benefits to the landowner, the household members and the broader community. 
You can read more about this project here.
Job Opportunity: Case Worker (Gympie)
Kyabra Community Association Inc. provides strengths based integrated responses to people in our community.
The Case Worker will work as part of our KEIHS Team: Keys to Early Intervention Homelessness Service, (based in Gympie), an early intervention case management program working with individuals and families to support at-risk tenancies within the communities where KEIHS is co-located with host agencies.
Click here to find out more about this role
News: Big borrowings, missed opportunities: Critics respond to Qld budget (ABC News)
Treasurer Cameron Dick handed down his first budget on Tuesday, after COVID-19 led to the delayed reveal of the state's detailed financial position and plan as it emerged from the related economic downturn. Read more here
News: 'Appalling outcomes': Young people fall into poverty, homelessness after leaving care (The Age)
Young people who leave state care in Victoria face a grim future, with at least one-third homeless within three years, 70 per cent living below the poverty line and one-quarter having contact with the criminal justice system. Read more here
Survey: COVID-19 impacts on renters in Queensland
Tenants Queensland would like to invite you to participate in an online survey  that aims to explore the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on renters in our state.
The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete.
Real life stories from renters will provide invaluable information to help advocate for change and inform future responses. Click here to complete the survey.
Research: Marginal housing during COVID-19 (University of Sydney / UNSW)
This report examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health and housing risks in marginal and informal housing, as well as any changes to the demand and supply of short-term rental housing during COVID-19. Read more here
Job Opportunity: Census Engagement Manager
The ABS are recruiting a Census Engagement Manager for the Gold Coast region to assist with the enumeration of people experiencing homelessness. They are seeking someone who knows the sector well in the Gold Coast region, and the position is based in the Gold Coast area.
The closing date is 7 January 2021. Read more here
Research: Double Return - How investing in social housing can address the growing homelessness crisis and boost Australia's economic recovery
Everybody's Home has today launched a landmark report measuring the economic fallout of COVID-19 which finds that homelessness will surge nine per cent and 24 per cent more Australian families will experience housing stress in 2021 due to the impact of the crisis. Read more here.
National Shelter Update
Rental Affordability Index
In case you missed it, the latest release of the Rental Affordability Index was released last week and attracted significant media attention across the country. The Index highlights that JobSeeker recipients are facing severe rental stress.
The JobSeeker supplement has improved rental affordability for those households that were already on Newstart, however rental affordability has decreased substantially for most new JobSeeker recipients who lost their jobs. However, the situation is untenable for people on JobSeeker, with rent costing 42-69% of their income in every capital city.
Annual Report
National Shelter's 2019/2020 Annual Report has been published and we invite all our supporters and networks to have a read and find out what we got up to in 2019-2020. It was an excellent year for partnerships, profile and research despite COVID-19 limiting the travels of Executive Officer Adrian Pisarski.
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