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Friday, 25 June 2021
A message from our Executive Director, Fiona Caniglia
In this special bulletin we congratulate Minister Leeanne Enoch for a visionary State Budget and Housing and Homelessness Action Plan. It has been a big two weeks for the sector as we absorb the detailed provisions to make housing supply grow. There are also other important measures to advance improvements to support tenancy sustainment. It is great news to see the emphasis on service integration with four-year funding for front-line care-coordinators.
It was very timely to meet with the Sector at both the Regional Representatives and CEO and Leaders’ Forum. Each event was used to unpack the State Budget and the Housing and Homelessness Action Plan. We were very fortunate to have time for dialogue with Minister Enoch and the Regional Representatives. We were privileged to hear of her hopes for the State and for how the Budget and Plan will make a difference. She called us all to reach for true collaboration built on trust and showed a willingness to celebrate innovation.
It was great to hear our Minister talk about Community and Neighbourhood Centres as ‘place-experts’. We know these Centres already mean so much to people experiencing homelessness and people who are social housing tenants. The Regional Representatives offered their assistance as links back to their regions and cohorts. We resolved to provide Minister Enoch with a communique after each of these events.
The CEO and Leaders’ Forum collected questions and priorities for actions to support implementation of the Budget and associated Plan. We at Q Shelter are now focussed on producing a report that supports engagement going forward. There was significant recognition that the whole initiative needs to be governed well with robust evaluation of impact. The vital importance of timely delivery of the new Community Housing Operating Model was emphasised. The Department of Communities, Housing and the Digital Economy provided detailed presentations and highlighted there will be a forward program of communications, information and engagement to support the Sector.
It has been a proud two weeks to see our recommendations reflected in both the Budget and the Action Plan. Both engagement events were attended by record numbers of participants which reflects the sense of celebration at now having so many opportunities to address homelessness and housing need. Q Shelter will be working very hard with the Sector, other Peaks and the Department to ensure engagement supports participation and implementation as the future unfolds.
Jessica Pragnell, Q Shelter Project Events Officer
None of the past two weeks would have been possible without the tireless efforts of the whole Q Shelter team. I want to especially acknowledge our exceptional Events Officer, Jessica Pragnell, who has been first to arrive and last to leave. Her dedication and care for the people in our Sector is a huge encouragement and support to us all. Thank you.
Fiona Caniglia
Regional Representatives
Q Shelter is committed to ensuring that voices from across all regions of Queensland have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge to finding solutions and opportunities within the homelessness and affordable housing sector.
Every six months, we hold a Regional Representatives meeting in Brisbane. This week, 20 representatives from Cairns, Townsville, the Tablelands, Mackay, the Whitsundays and Central Highlands, Rockhampton, the Fraser, Sushine, and Gold Coasts, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Redlands, Logan, Ipswich, Southwest Queensland and Toowoomba met with other key sector stakeholders in-person for the first time in 18 months. We were also joined by interest-based networks, the Housing Older Women Movement and Council to Homeless Persons Qld.
Some highlights included:
  • Prioritising current regional issues, challenges, and opportunities
  • Sharing five-minute pitches on innovative solutions to housing and homelessness from the regions
  • Developing Regional Action Plans with the Service Integration Inititative
  • Meeting with Leeanne Enoch, MP, and discussing key priorities and solutions
"I now have so much better understanding about the environment Q Shelter works in. It was a fabulous opportunity for me to make some real and meaningful connections and raise the profile of the Housing Older Women Movement (HOW) and the issues we’ve been working on." Linda Hahn, HOW Representative
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Want to learn more about Regional Representation? Contact Hannah Clifford at
Better together: Sector Peaks Networking & CEO and Senior Leaders Forum
In a sector where we know that we need one another’s advice, support, and expertise to make a lasting difference, it can still be difficult to find the time to make that happen. This week, however, we were spoiled with opportunies to collaborate and share stories at the Sector Peaks Networking event and CEO & Senior Leaders' Forum.
Action shots from the Sector Peaks networking event on Monday and Q Shelter's CEO and Senior Leaders Forum on Tuesday.
Heading banner: Q Shelter's Annual Program of Events and Engagement
Q Shelter's Annual Program of Events and Engagement
Asset Managers Network Series (M8)
Thursday, 24 June / 10:30am-12.00pm
Online, via zoom
Learning exchange for asset managers in community housing and homelessness services.
Click here for more information or register here
Asset Management Tool Training
Friday 25 June / 9.00am - 11.00am
Online, via Zoom
Training to use the Property Condition Report spreadsheet developed by Solute.
Click here for more information or register here
Q Shelter Learning Exchange
Tuesday 6 July / 4.00pm to 5.00pm
Online, via Zoom
This event emerges from weekly COVID-19 Learning Exchanges and is a regular forum for all housing, homelessness and support services to raise challenges, exchange ideas and learn about resources.
Click here for more information or register here
Housing Older Women: Collaborating to create innovative housing solutions
Solutions Working Group: Tue 13 July/ 2.00pm - 3.30pm
Strategy Working Group: Tue 27 July/ 2.00pm - 4.00pm
Click here for more information or register here
Aternatively, contact Maggie Shambrook, Project Lead, on 07 3831 5900
Peer Leadership Group for people with lived experience of homelessness
New Farm Neighbourhood Centre
Neighbourly meets to work on projects that build support for solutions to homelessness.
Q Shelter is collaborating with Neighbourly to present a series of training workshops on leadership, participation and change. People with lived experience of homelessness, housing need and social housing will have the opportunity to use their experience and knowledge as a basis to learn new skills in becoming leaders, supporting groups and providing valued input to policy and service delivery.
For more information contact Q Shelter Events Team (Phone: 3831 5900).
Thursday 15 July / 1.30pm – 4.00pm
Telling your story: an introduction
Thursday 29 July/ 1.30pm- 4.00pm
Telling your story: practice makes perfect
Click here for more information or register here
Feeling the Pulse on Partnering for Growth
Friday 23 July / 2.30pm - 3.15pm
Online, via Zoom
This session is a discussion and learning exchange for community housing providers who are working on growth projects. It is intended to be an opportunity to exchange learning and also identify challenges and barriers with the view to finding solutions.
Click here for more information or register here
Sector News and Updates
RESEARCH NEWS: New housing supply, population growth and access to social infrastructure
AHURI's new report into social infrastructure in the rapidly growing greenfield areas of major Australian cities has been released... read more
INFOXCHANGE NEWS: Increase in people searching for drug and alcohol support
According to InfoXchange, QLD was second only to NSW in its increase in people searching for drug and alcohol support during March and April 2021. Our members have been reporting similar trends in their front-line service. Read more
SECTOR EVENT: Introduction to primary prevention and program design
16 July: Women's Health Queensland are offering a foundational workshop designed for those wanting to prevent violence long before it occurs. Primary prevention seeks to address the 'gendered drivers' of violence..... read more.
ABC NEWS: Mobile van gives Sydney's homeless their first medical care in years
Founded by Daniel Nour, a 26-year-old resident at Royal North Shore Hospital, the customised mobile medical clinic for Sydney’s homeless is taking healthcare to the streets... read more
SECTOR EVENTS: QCOSS - Human Rights in Action
29 June: Coercive Control..... read more.
SBEnrc NEWS: Creating liveable and accessible social and affordable homes
Researchers from the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) at Griffith University have been investigating how the liveability and accessibility of medium to high density urban housing and precincts in our cities can deliver social and affordable housing... read more
EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY: Clement EOI for Semester 2 2021
The Clemente Program is a free academic- approved University course in the humanities for those who would otherwise be excluded from tertiary education opportunities and would benefit from re engaging in community and education.  It can be an alternate pathway into university, but more importantly it gives participants a better understanding of the world through the humanities and thus makes a difference to how they act within their own communities. Contact the coordinators at or Janine Quine at
ARTIST EOI: 2021 Recovered Futures Art Exhibition
Registrations close this Sunday 21 June for the 2021 Recovered Futures Art Exhibition. If you are an artist with a lived experience of mental illness, consider entering! Learn more
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