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Tuesday, 15 June 2021
Media release
A Housing Budget for Queensland
Q Shelter, Queensland’s peak representative for the homelessness and housing sector, has welcomed new investment in the supply of social and affordable housing. ‘This is a housing budget that will ensure more Queenslanders have a place to call home’ said Q Shelter Executive Director Fiona Caniglia.
The Budget accelerates the Queensland Housing Strategy to fund $1.908 billion in social and affordable housing and associated support programs over the next four years. This includes funds for projects aimed at achieving multiple building starts across most of Queensland where the housing market is under pressure.  There is scope for flexible responses including additional head-leased properties and expanded support services.
Importantly, the Queensland Government will establish a Housing Infrastructure Fund valued at an additional $1 billion which will help to engage various partners including community housing providers, the development industry, institutional investors and others in innovative housing solutions. The returns on this fund will support growth projects.
The Budget also invests in more specialist responses to Domestic and Family Violence including housing and support. There is specific mention of housing responses to older women and Q Shelter will be working with the Queensland Government to activate a collaborative partnership to address the housing needs of older women in Queensland.
The new Queensland Housing Action Plan will develop and deliver housing and support for older Queenslanders including responses for older women.
Ms Fiona Caniglia, Executive Director, said that the Budget responds to the urgent need for social and affordable housing in Queensland. ‘This Budget ensures multiple housing starts by multiple stakeholders and sets the stage for a new level of partnerships and innovation involving private, community and government sectors’. ‘It reflects the urgency of need and the value in having diverse projects across the spectrum of social and affordable housing emerge through diverse partners making a contribution’. 
Access the full Budget Speech and Regional Action Plans.
Over the past week, Q Shelter has been releasing some of our key budget recommendations across social media in the lead up to the budget announcement.
We are now releasing our analyses of how effectively the budget meets these recommendations.
Read more on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
We will also release a comprehensive analysis of the budget's performance against all our submissions recommendations in another bulletin soon.
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