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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Q Shelter Events Update
Q Shelter Monthly Learning Exchange
The future of work for our sector: synthesising flexibility, quality and performance post COVID-19
Last week, Q Shelter hosted an online panel to discuss the future of work and flexible working arrangements given that the workforce has been deployed in a more flexible way in the context of COVID-19.
We thank our panellists Donna Eiby and Venessa Paech, Directors of The Future Work Skills Academy as well as Christie Rall, the Director of People & Organisation at PwC Australia.
You can click here to view a recording of this event
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Feeling the Pulse on Partnering for Growth
This session is a discussion and learning exchange for community housing providers who are working on growth projects. It is intended to be an opportunity to exchange learning and also identify challenges and barriers with the view to finding solutions.
We invite you and colleagues to participate in a regular Zoom discussion every fourth Friday of the month.
Next session:
Friday, 28 August 2020
2.30pm - 3.15pm
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Understanding the Queensland planning system and building community support for affordable housing
This course is designed to provide an overview of planning and the Queensland planning system for those in the community and affordable housing and homelessness services sector, and those with an interest in the increase of affordable housing supply.
Next Session
Session Two: Planning, development and your property portfolio

Date: Friday, 28 August 2020
Time: 9:30am - 11:30am
This session includes details on:
  • Looking up your property details
  • Interpreting planning information - reading planning schemes
  • The DA process (high level)
  • Decision making rules
  • Appeals (high level)
  • The importance of community engagement
  • Engaging with Councillors and negotiating with planning officers
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Learning Exchange for tenants and people with lived experience of homelessness
This is a regular teleconference for tenants and people with lived experience to connect, share challenges and solutions.
Weekly each Tuesday
3.00pm-3.30pm via teleconference
Call 07 3185 3730 / Meeting ID: 833 7544 9429#     
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Housing Older Women: Join older women who are collaborating to create innovative housing solutions
You're invited to continue or join in this ongoing meeting of persons interested in the issue of older women and access to affordable, amenable, secure and sustainable housing, in fact, their ‘home’.
Meetings are every 4 weeks (excluding January 2021)
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Sector News and Updates
AIHW Report - Housing assistance in Australia 2020
Last week, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) published their lastest data on social housing and income support.
Key Information (2018-2019):
  • Queensland saw the overall number of households in social housing increase from 68,343 to 71,611 - mainly led by increases in Indigenous community housing and public housing portfolios. The number of households in community housing reduced slightly to 10,477.
  • Nationally, the overall number of households in public housing fell by approximately 10,000, however this was offset by an increase of approximately 12,000 households in community and Indigenous community housing.
  • Nationally, the number of households in community housing and Indigenous community housing rose to 107,000.
  • Nationally, the overall share of households in social housing remains at 4.3%, which has declined from 4.8% in 2011.
You can read the full breakdown of this data via the AIHW website here.
Handy Guide for Older Women
Last week the Lady Musgrave Trust launched The Handy Guide for Older Women – their response to the growing number of older women becoming homeless in Australia.
The Guide aims to arm older women with the information and resources they need to find safe and secure housing.
Click here to download the Handy Guide for Older Women
Lady Musgrave Trust Annual Forum
Hosted by Leigh Muirhead, join Karen Lyon Reid (CEO, Lady Musgrave Trust) and a panel of speakers at this year's annual forum, to explore "Older Women – Living on the Edge of Homelessness".
The Constellation Project: August Update
In 2018, Australian Red Cross, the Centre for Social Impact, Mission Australia and PwC Australia joined forces to establish The Constellation Project in the belief that together, we stand a better chance of driving action on homelessness.
From February to June this year, the Project ran Cycle 4 of its social lab on 'More Homes'.
Social labs are an iterative and collaborative approach to solving complex social issues, where a diverse team of 30-40 people are split into small teams to address different aspects of a challenge.
'More Homes' aims to generate solutions to increase the supply of safe, affordable, accessible, appropriate and secure housing for people in Australia on very low to moderate incomes.
You can watch video presentations to see where each of the teams are up to.
If you would like to get involved in the work of the lab teams or contribute to the Project in another way, fill in this EOI and they will be in touch.
Want more news from The Constellation Project? Click here to visit their website.
Reminder: List your food relief, emergency relief or other outreach service on the Vans and Kitchens Online Directory (VAKS) 
This online directory helps to coordinate and promote services available to vulnerable community members.
Click here to find out how to create a free listing on VAKS
News: Local Living, Rise of 20 Minute Cities Post-Covid
As cities rebuild their economies beyond Covid-19, there is a growing call for planning measures to address widening income inequalities and density without overcrowding.
" ... (AHURI) research finds that “city deals” and similar place-based funding programs can help kickstart new economic opportunities in areas, but explicit support is needed for affordable housing if lower-income workers are to find homes close to employment opportunities."
Read more here
News: Sunshine Coast photography exhibition challenges image of homelessness in Queensland
Jen is one of more than 13,000 people who experience homelessness in rural and regional Queensland on any given night.
The young mum is one of 20 people featured in a photography exhibition on the Sunshine Coast that aims to confront societal stigma and judgment around homelessness.
Read more here
Service Integration Initiative
Regional care coordinators are now providing place-based support to existing care coordination and networking groups in priority locations across Queensland.
Latest Updates:
Today, Q Shelter facilitated a planning workshop to explore opportunities for service integration with the Department of Housing and Public Works as well as key partners for the Logan region. This workshop looked at the challenges and successes of supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in a pandemic and developed a plan for the future.
This week, core services involved in the South West Care Coordination Group will participate in the first face-to-face workshop since the pandemic hit, to celebrate the successes of the group and how it has evolved and responded to those most vulnerable during COVID-19.
The participants hope to gain a deeper understanding of the Service Integration Initiative and the role of care coordination. The workshop will also focus on enhancing care coordination processes leading to better outcomes for people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.
Click here to get in touch with Brisbane South West Regional Care Coordinator, Hazel Malone
Click here to get in touch with Logan Regional Care Coordinator, Tim Johnston
Visit The Deck to find out more about joining your local care coordination groups!
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