Venues may receive ratings from regional, industry, and/or governmental agencies, and wish to use those ratings in marketing efforts or to adhere to regulatory requirements unique to each property and/or locality. Venues can choose to self-report any rating they have received in their Cvent Supplier Network profiles at their own discretion, and are required to cite a source of the rating.

Any self-reported rating cited is not a representation or promise by Cvent. Cvent does not control or influence in any way a venue's self-reported rating and cannot represent the rating creteria or accuracy of any self-reported rating. Any questions or concerns regarding a rating should be sent to the venue directly.

Northstar Ratings

Northstar Ratings are powered by Northstar Travel Media and are based on objective and unbiased evaluations from experienced editors that individually analyze, research, and evaluate hotels. Hotels and suppliers are not required to pay any fees or pay for memberships to have their property rated.

Ratings may not be available for every property and these ratings are not a representation or promise of any particular service, feature, or amenity. Ratings can change at any time and are typically updated within Cvent on a monthly basis. Depending upon location, a property may also have a hotel rating assigned by a government agency. The government-assigned hotel rating, if any, is not connected in any way to and may differ from the property’s Northstar Rating presented in Cvent. A property’s Northstar Rating is only one of many relevant factors to consider when selecting a venue and should not be relied upon as the primary basis for making a selection. Cvent is not responsible for any use, misuse or reliance upon these Ratings.

Northstar Descriptions

5 Stars A luxury hotel offering guests the highest standards of accommodations and facilities and providing almost any level of personal service.
4 Stars An above average hotel with some outstanding features and a broad range of services. May have a special focus on design, style, and amenities.
3 Stars A dependable, well-maintained, full service hotel with comfortable accommodations and public areas. Usually provides a wide range of services, amenities and facilities.
2 Stars A mid-market economy hotel providing simpler accommodations and services. Public areas and facilities may be limited.
1 Star A property for the budget traveler providing basic room amenities, but few services. Accommodations may be standardized.

Northstar Ratings are powered by Northstar Travel Media. Please email cventhotelreq@ntmllc.com if you have any questions or comments regarding the rating of an individual property.